CD3 thank you

Bern Herbolsheimer, June, 2004

Dear all-involved-with-CD3,

I want to thank you all and I don’t know where to start or finish.  To begin with, I am daily overwhelmed, as I listen to CD3, at the beauty and excellence of the performances.  Thank you.

I am dumbfounded by the amount of time, energy, commitment and patience you all put into this project.  Thank you.

Special thanks must go to Loren; the vocal soloists Lisa, Katie, Maria, Dan and Howard; the instrumentalists; Joseph and his fingers; the ears of John, Clint, Joseph and Bill; the technical skills of Bill; Roger and the whole crew at Loft/Gothic; St. James for the space; Dan for the cover photo; (this is starting to sound like an Academy Award acceptance speech!).  And special thanks to each and every one of the choir members. Thank you.


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